Burntridge Tree Farm
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2004 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year      

We are proud to be recognized by the Ohio Tree
Farm committee as the 2004 Ohio tree farm of the
year. The American Tree Farm System is the oldest
 woodland owners group in existence today.

"Wood is a crop. Forestry is Tree Farming."
Gifford Pinchot, First chief of the USDA Forest Service.

About Burntridge, our certified family forest………
What started out as a place to use for recreation has evolved into an active tree farm, and I have started a business helping woodland owners with timber stand improvement (TSI). Our farm is used for recreation, wildlife, timber production, water quality and a backdrop for education. Please contact me if you need to hire a specialist in woodlands improvement, or if you have questions or comments regarding any aspect of the forest that I may be able to help you with. We
may be able to direct you toward the many natural resource professionals in your community.

 No Cash / No Conservation
Family forest owners stand on the front lines of conservation in Ohio. Financial success is the only way for them to continue the conservation measures taking place on 92% of Ohio forests. Failure of these family farms will mean the continued fragmentation and destruction of critical wildlife habitat. Want to learn more? Join us for conservation education on a family owned Ohio tree farm and forest.

My son and I plant a
tree around 1995 

Forest conservation is hard work.

Adam Bump, Biologist, stands on a Tulip Tree stump that is re-sprouting just 1 year after harvest. This form of natural
re-generation is vital to Ohio hardwood forests.


Here I am talking to a group of second graders about trees and how they are grown, harvested, utilized, and then how it all starts over again. The only way to kill a hardwood forest is to pave it with concrete after you cut it down.

Contact Us:
Scott Galloway, 2772 Copley Rd., Akron, Oh 44321 330-666-4477   

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